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The Web's Premier Destination for Spoiled Rotten Doggies!

Browse Dog Costumes and Pet Costumes at SpoiledRottenDoggies.com and buy then at AnniesCostumes.com

Featuring: pet costumes, dog clothing, doggie treats, dog toys, dog hats, and more!

XSmall Costumes Fit: 7''-10'' neck
Small Cats, Toy & Teacup Breeds, Maltese, Yorkies, etc.

Small Costumes Fit: 10''-14'' neck
Cats, Beagle, Pugs, Jack Russell, etc.

Medium Costumes Fit: 14''-18'' neck
Whippet, Cocker Spaniels, Shelties, etc.

Large Costumes Fit: 18''-24'' neck
Labs, Irish Setter, etc.

XLarge Costumes Fit: 22"-24'' neck
German Sheperd, Rottwieler, etc.

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