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Pet Odor Removers
and Grooming Supplies

Shampoo and Spritz Set

Shampoo & Spritz for Dogs Gift Set

The Shampoo/Spritz Gift Sets are packaged in an elegant, organdy bag and tied with a silk ribbon and gift card. Available in Original Lavender scent. Makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Add the Soap-on-a-Rope to make it even more eye-catching.


Here's my personal testimonial about these odor removers:
We carry this brand of pet odor remover for one reason: it really works!

I have been searching for some type of carpet cleaner to get the smell out of my rugs & (new) loveseat for quite some time. Last year, we adopted a playful, new Boxer male puppy named Aku. Since then, Yogi, our male Scottie has been quite upset and decided to relieve himself on our new loveseat as a punishment for his unwanted younger but bigger brother! Needless to say, this was very upsetting to all of us. We cleaned the loveseat with our steam cleaner several times. The smell was still there. Then, I had it professionally cleaned (big bucks). It smelled a little better for a couple days, then the smell came back. I bought some expensive enzyme stuff in at the store and used it many times, the smell kept coming back. At this point, it seemed like the odor would continue to return. In fact, we were discussing buying a new loveseat. In February, we found this product at a pet show; I decided to give it a try and VOILA! CLEAN LOVESEAT! The only smell now is the fresh, clean scent of the Dog Odor-Off™. It's awesome stuff! Buy some today, a little goes a long, long way.

Sincerely yours with a happy smile, Shari McConahay, SpoiledRottenDoggies.com

Kennel Odor Remover

Kennel Odor Eliminator

(Concentrate 8 oz. bottle, makes 32 gallons.)

Eliminates, not masks, even old, impregnated odors from cages, runs, walls and other large areas.Outdoor fresh, creates a mild, “outdoor” fresh odor.
Economical, - only 1/4 oz. (not 1oz.) per gallon of water. 8oz. Self Measuring or Gallons. No added labor, add to cleaner, rinse or spray.
Environmentally friendly.

KOE is formulated to be added to cleaning solutions or rinse water at the ratio of 1 to 512 (1 tablespoon (1/2 oz.) to 2 gallons of liquid. This same ratio in water may be applied to specific areas with a lawn/garden type pump-up sprayer. For high pressure wash, add to detergent tank at the ratio of 1 to 1536 (1 tablespoonful to 6 gallons.) The ratios may be varied to suit the need of the situation. Always use the least amount possible to achieve the desired results. Effectiveness is decreased when used with chlorine bleach solutions.

Dog Odor Off

Dog Odor-Off™

(Carpet Deodorizer)

Eliminates undignified dog odors Inc.luding normal body odors, urine, feces, emesis and necrotic tissue. Used on dogs, accidents, cages, bedding – anywhere there is an animal related odor problem. Not an enzyme, bacteria or mask thus may be used after shampoos, cleaners, germicides without loss of efficacy.
Economical. Applied full strength from a long-lasting, 8 oz. spray bottle.
Eliminates odors without bathing. Fleas and ticks hate its natural cedar fragrance. Works better than cedar bedding because it stays with the dog wherever it goes.

Spray full strength on the source of the odor. Work in if possible. Allow to dry. If odor persists, Dog-Off has not reached the source of the odor – reapply. Thorough soaking may be required if odor is imbedded. May be used on animals, cages, fabrics, carpets, any place where a problem odor occurs. Spot test for color fastness before apply to any fabric. Unlike many enzyme/bacteria based products, Dog-Off remains effective when used with and after most shampoos, cleaners and germicides.

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